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t10302.702018-10-27Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadone user voted for Boku Mama x Tomo Mama Koukan Hameppu Life. It doesn't bother me when a person likes the games they read and vote them all 10s
t9422.142018-10-06Your votes is a game? You not know of VNIt does seem like troll voting though... I mean dude you decided to "read" the entire Marina no "Netorase" series in one go and gave every game a 1
t11035.42018-08-10About the background textCool thanks for the info tyr. I may play this game sooner than later now.
t11035.12018-08-09About the background textI liked the concept and I've heard good things from Nitroplus. My Japanese ability is very basic so this one will have to wait. The box art is very
t9422.82018-07-22Your votes is a game? You not know of VNHoly Crap you read a lot of VNs! but you seem to focus reading VNs you hate. I wish I had that amount of free time.
t6458.862018-07-08Changing Username?Sorry just created my account but flubbed the name. Could you please change my name to "Purun-denom" Thank you.