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#101 by transcendence
2013-12-04 at 08:39
"Breaking into my room as she pleases, throwing her tits around as she pleases, and getting pissed at me as she pleases..."

"This woman is trying to disrupt the economy of the shopping district via her tits...?"

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#102 by tokita
2013-12-15 at 21:44
"Hey! Who the hell are you calling tsundere?!"

#103 by cucumberian
2013-12-16 at 00:45
"Force the imbeciles who dare try to lure me out of here to drink the broth of the Apocalypse!" v24
#104 by takata
2014-01-17 at 13:48
No matter how precious you hold a person, you will certainly lose that person someday. No matter how much you desire it, eternity is the one thing you will never possess. The time you spend with a precious person will be filled with fun and perhaps even painful moments... And, time will pass by far, far too quickly. In order to never meet that eventual parting with regret... Please, please treasure that person. v88

I suspect this exceeds the maximum allowable size for quotes. In that case, maybe just use the first two sentences:

No matter how precious you hold a person, you will certainly lose that person someday. No matter how much you desire it, eternity is the one thing you will never possess. v88
#105 by denvilda
2014-03-25 at 22:47
I have a few.

"Oh, we're fine! Just fine! The more I crash, the better I get at flying." - v131

"Being in a place devoid of sweets, gardens and smiles is more trying than I anticipated." - v131

"Well. If a man cannot make one woman happy, I hardly see how he can be expected to do so for an entire kingdom!" - v131

"As the king it's my duty to sample chocolates everywhere!" - v124

"You have to admit, I do look a bit like a Christmas tree... I'd really rather not, of course..." - v124

"What? Me, smell? You mistake my high-class perfume for smell? You ignorant lout!" - v124

"Hey... you were a real man back there. If... I was a girl, I'd have fallen head over heels for you..." - v1076

"Well, you're lying in the bed we're forced to share, and standing before you is the beautiful, gorgeous and all-round wonderful lady killer Greg-niisan!" - v1076

(The ones from v1076 are taken from an unofficial summary/walkthrough, so if that's not acceptable, please ignore them.)
#106 by kei-tr
2014-04-21 at 14:32
"I'll introduce her. The transfer student is the Rusian President." v2622

"A shinigami pointing out faults in Japan's goverment is completely unheard of. Does this mean that present-day politics are going to die soon?" v1660

"So I've been demoted from a slave to a stray dog?" v248Last modified on 2014-04-21 at 14:33
#107 by frazz3
2014-04-22 at 14:43
"why is the person who doesn't like dirty topics always starting them?" v903

"hurry! we must find 10 000 arrows!" v57

"I don't think cellphones and text messages are useful. I think they are eveil things that confine people!" v9093

"Everything we do should be treated as a mission" v5

"Why do you assume I'm living with a woman? I'm living with a ninja." v2375

"Being promoted means seizing the position of your former superior. Thus thete is nothing to be lost in remembering their particular failures." v84Last modified on 2014-04-22 at 14:50
#108 by soketsu
2014-06-08 at 03:10
"That's because I'm a tentacle." link

"I'm going to masturbate so kindly get out!" link

"That's right. Girls aren't just breasts." link

"Please, sex me!" link
#109 by ds1150
2014-06-22 at 06:36
"What are you saying?! Isn't your very existence linked to sexual harassment?!" v12561

"No it's fine, if you show me your underwear." v12561

"So nobody woke you up...? You must have no friends." v13353

"Sugu-nii's katana is normally settled in it's sheath right?" v12260

"I want to practice fellatio on this handsome man's flute." v11726
#110 by loco15
2014-06-22 at 22:20
"How surreal. A spaceship who got scolded by a panda is now crying and begging for fried rice..." link
#111 by john-henry
2014-06-27 at 03:59
¨I see. Then, I guess you're a hostess after all. A hostess cosplaying as a nurse¨ - v1999
#112 by soketsu
2014-07-02 at 03:37
"Eh!? You are afraid of... panties?" v12302
#113 by kei-tr
2014-10-06 at 21:29
"This is humanity's crystal of wisdom, an eroge." v2622

"A shinigami pointing out faults in Japan's goverment is completely unheard of. Does this mean that present-day politics are going to die soon?" v1660

"I'm your long lost brother. We were separated at birth." v36

"Just you watch boy, girlfriends don't just grow on trees!" v4017

"Yes, there is can only be one meaning!!! Today's your safe day... TODAY'S YOUR SAFE DAY, ISN'T IT?!" v4017

"I have all the girls just waiting for me to load up their save dataaaaaa!!!!!!" v4017

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#114 by zakamutt
2014-12-31 at 02:32
"Uh, "Meow. What's up?" isn't the answer I'm looking for..." Neko Para
#115 by jumpykun
2015-01-01 at 17:10
"Despair, and be destroyed." Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -

"Being human is about fighting even when it seems hopeless, and finding happiness even in a world that hates it." Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV Zennin Shibou Desu

Would add more sometime...
#116 by onemanarmy
2015-01-02 at 11:51
Quite a few quotes, more or less funny (found them in a long forgotten txt file).

Senpai, the sight of your defenseless sleeping face made my maiden heart go pipipipipipi!
I've neglected nothing. My boobs are already 84D.
Muuu not good, super very not good. One week before the world ends level of not good.

I'll suck that sucker like it's never been sucked before! I'll suck it good! I'll suck it to pieces! Just watch me!
Plannin' to wash his back with yer fat ol' titties, I expect. Geeeez, how slutty can ya get?

If I don't scream now, when will I scream? My libido is out of control! Nobody can stop it now!

Fine let's take this outside... Oh wait, we're already outside. Let's take this inside!
O-O...OK! OK! I got it! I got it ah my foot my foot my foot! ...Ah, but it feels good in a way... I'm kidding, it's a joke! It's a joke! It really huuuuuurttttttts!
Vodka is a Russian's life! If you cut a Russian's arm off, vodka will flow out instead of blood!

Eika-chan, press ○△□XXX to shoot beams!

German girls are the most beautiful in the world! Hooray for Volkerwanderung!
Is it my money? M-my body? M-my purity I've protected to this day!!!

It's like "sucker merry barrels". What do you get if you take out the e's and r's?

Even though you have a splendid cock , how long are you going to pretend to be a coward?

Oh shut up. You're the one who thoight R.E.M. stood for "Really Enjoy Masturbating"...

When on duty, work hard. When on break, rest hard.

Delusions are a virgin's number one talent.
If you're a big fat masochist, I won't stop you.

I'm a cum dumbster. Anybody's fine, any time. Please abuse me.

I've a disease. If I walk my legs will be torn off, and I'll die.
There are people who ... live on the sun.

In my experience, rape is more efficient than normal torture.

There's no way I'd go puupuukupuu with someone as stupid, idiotic and forgetful as you.

Because sin is tan from cos, you can factorise Pythagoras' Theorem, and after determining wether solutions exist, your exponential function will make 1192...

Don't underestimate me. I was Buddha in a previous life.
High-heeled women need to cling to their man for a safety reason.
Okaaaaaaaay! Let's give uuuuup! Yaaaaa!
That's right. You are a shithead. You are Mister Shit. The shit controls you. In fact, you are nothing but shit.

Way too long but whatever: ...Yoshiiiino...grant me...the power of darkness...By your name, your glory, open the gates to the afterlife. and give me the power of all the ancient armies who have ever been sent to your domain...Come forth, prince of treacherous darkness, Yoshiiino!!! Oooh. Yoshiiino!!!Last modified on 2015-01-02 at 11:53
#117 by kei-tr
2015-02-17 at 00:22
"Photograph? That's not a photograph. It's a CG." v5240

"It's like she's thinking that my reasoning is broken, and I will transform myself into a criminal if I don't have anything masturbate to by midnight." v5240

"How is a man getting his ass dug into cute!?" v5240

"That's wonderful, Onii-chan! It's amazing how you can find happiness even in meaningless things!!" v496

"Searching... The Three Laws of Robotics... Search results found: 0." v496Last modified on 2015-02-17 at 00:22
#118 by traumatizer
2015-02-21 at 14:57
"I see how it is. Ya like the big titties after all, huh? Ya want some shameless hussy wearin' nothin' but an apron? Prancin' around first thing in th' mornin' with one fat udder saggin' out th' side?!"
"Quitcher bitchin'! Toss open that door an' say 'I'm back, Makina! Daddy's home!'"
"What's with that face? You're putting your beauty to waste. Better be careful or you might get auctioned off as a lesser work of Munch."
"...O-Onii-chan's lost it... He's talkin' to a chewed-up piece of gum... Awawa, whaddo I do?"
(may be too long) "Sorry for tossing you aside like that, but our relationship was never meant to last. Don't think badly of me, Frozen Apple Mint. No matter how much time we spend together, it's all bland and flavorless now. Those sweet early days will never return..."
"Good ta hear. Anyway, Chiruchiru, I just came up with a new gag! Pineapples make apples pine! Whaddya think? Applespine!"
"This looks friggin' awesome, so bear with it! Ah, amazin' work, Sacchin! Ya totally like a cyborg! Yes! Bee-yootiful moves!"
"Are cyborgs and hot dogs relatives?" (unless this one is already in the database, I can't remember it)
"...Amane, my friend. Are you referring to some variety of menstrual difficulties...?"
"Ooh, right, foodstuffs. I love me some foodstuffs. They're food an' stuff."

Man, Grisaia's dialogue is just way too fun.

" Let me read it... Whoever lands on this square must kick the living crap out of the person on their right."
"My my. Your face was quite priceless. I had no idea the human body was capable of such amusing distortion."
"My body! My body's all see-through and crap. What's going on?"
"Sadly, the cover of your book does not belie the content, Ragna. Such a fool you are. Ragna, the idiot ghost... Yes, I believe that has a nice ring to it."
"Yes, from now on my name shall be Rach-HELL, queen of the underworld!"
"Oh, that's merely an old vampire joke. You shouldn't take everything so seriously, you know. It'll be the death of you. Ohohoho..."
"Yup, as dead as a disco. That's why Nu is a ghost, too."
"Come again? The mighty Ragna, afraid of ghosts? Like, are you sure it's ghosts and not this shriveled old hag?"
"A super-neato story? You actually said, 'super-neato.' What the hell has gotten into you?"
"There be great treasure on that barge, matey! I mean, Ragna and Nu should, like, go steal it and some junk."
"What the hell was that for?! You would have killed me... if I weren't already dead..."
"From now on you are Captain Jin of the HMS Nirvana, lowly tuna fishing vessel."
"First, what do you mean by ”tuna fishing vessel?” And second... Nu, for the love of god, the valley or the sea... just pick one."
"He's a slave, Sena! A slave to jiggle!"
"There's no denying it! And no denying *sniffle*... that Luna boobies have none of the precious, man-snaring jiggle...!"
"Operation Boost Luna's Boobies begins... NOW!"
"Look, buddy, if you don't help me score some pedigree sweater-puppies, I'm gonna make you drink a whole carton of milk... through your nose."
"Nobody explained anything for shit!"
"Your sleazy familiar said the magic word. So sue me."
"In order to rid this world of vicious top-heavy minxes, we must work together as one!"
"Abracadabra, baby! Welcome to life as a magical girl!"
"The birth of a new magical girl! It's soooo less messy than regular birth...!"
"In the name of all the flat-chested chicks in this world... we shall punish you!"
"Am I built like a brick house yet? 'Cause I don't feel any different..."
"Hey, Puppeteer Mask! Why're all you guys so hung up on back-breaking boobs anyhow?"
"I came up with that cool-ass nickname for nothing?!" or "Wait! That's all the screen-time we get?!"
"Take all of my magical girl powers... please..! I just want to go back to wearing boy clothes again!"
"You're still very much a child, Lieutenant! Sometimes love requires that one use a bit of... persuasion... to make it bloom."

Normally Blazblue is all serious and stuff when it comes to the story, but most (or more like ALL) of those quotes are from the Gag Reels, which are super hilarious.Last modified on 2015-02-21 at 15:32
#119 by guest93
2015-02-22 at 22:34
From link :
「ストーカーじゃないよ、ブラコンだよ! ううん、それも違うけどっ」
I'm not a stalker, I'm a brocon! No, scratch that, too.Last modified on 2015-02-22 at 22:36
#120 by zarah
2015-02-28 at 18:08
From link :

"Oh, I'm just partaking in the act of viewing material unrelated to my job while on the internet at work."
#121 by zarah
2015-02-28 at 18:29
By they way is there a way to view all the quotes of a specific visual novel?
#122 by traumatizer
2015-03-01 at 00:02
From link:

"Busy? BUSY?! What could possibly be more important than strip-mahjong?!"
"No?! It's not?! A girl?! You're dating?! UNACCEPTABLE!!"
"With the grace of a professional matador, I sidestepped the charging bull!"

From link
"We can't help it. Sho-san's guitar is shit anyways."
"What's responsibility? Does it taste good?"
"I can take a bath, walk around naked and eat a whole bucket of pudding by myself."
#123 by guest93
2015-03-01 at 00:08
@121: It's kinda the point that you can't look up these quotes
#124 by traumatizer
2015-03-29 at 18:39
Just been wondering for a while, but is there a limit to how many quotes you can post for a single visual novel? Just askin' before I'll flood this place with more quotes, since I'm totally crazy for collecting quotes. ;)
#125 by yorhel
2015-03-29 at 18:43
I usually stop adding more quotes for a VN at around 10 or so. Unless the quote is exceptionally funny.


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