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#31 by yorhel
2011-03-14 at 07:23
Deleted off-topic crap. This topic is suggesting new quotes or asking questions related to them.
#32 by atlantima
2011-03-19 at 23:26
v3276 - "The troll's fingers are now playing with my lower nipple as they had done to my upper ones not too long ago."
#33 by pendelhaven
2011-03-21 at 17:51
too NSFW. but that's for yorhel to decide.
#34 by atlantima
2011-03-30 at 17:06
Quotes like "Good man! Now hurry up and put your semen into my anus." are already in the random quotes, so I wouldn't think that "lower nipple" would be too bad ;P
#35 by hayate135
2011-04-12 at 10:56
v93 - "Various meaningless phrases from porn mags I've read come to mind as I slowly rub her chest."

"Sleep for tomorrow! Sleep for the future!!"

v92 - "Snake, I know you're a rare species right now. But as a valuable source of protein, please allow us to ingest you... It'll help me save the world."

"In my experience the guys who call women strong are always the ones who get dumped"Last modified on 2011-04-12 at 11:23
#36 by atlantima
2011-06-13 at 02:11
v7382 - "It's said that love is the most powerful force in the universe. I am attempting to harness that power to create weapons of mass destruction."
#37 by atlantima
2011-10-02 at 03:35
v5478 - "Ah, I leveled up from "garbage" to "food scraps"! All right!"Last modified on 2011-10-02 at 03:36
#38 by nidjo
2011-10-02 at 07:00
v74 - "Y, you have no proof of that! Yep. There's no proof, so it's not a fact."

Pressing F5 has never been this much fun.
#39 by hikigane
2011-10-06 at 03:04
v1143 "Later on, this abnormal incident was shrugged off by NASA with, "Oh, so it's just Momoyo"." Please yorhel, add this one.Last modified on 2011-10-06 at 03:05
#40 by atlantima
2011-11-14 at 15:58
v2341 - "You won't ever understand how delicate and fragile, like the black, metallic body of a car, my heart is."
#41 by onemanarmy
2011-11-14 at 19:51
Here are a lot of quotes we used in our club-quote-guessing-thread-game-thingy, damn! Well anyway, maybe you will add some of them.

"You fucking hobo!" - v88
"There are no clothes left I could take off" - v1414
"I am a seagull." - v13
"Crashing headlong into everything is the only way to live!" - v716
"Fly! What else is a cape for? Just look at Superman, Batman and Spiderman!" - v30
"Hey -----! It's cold isn't it? It's really cold. It's cold. Cold! Cold... It's cold! Really really cold! So cold! Cold, cold, col- AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" - v1347
"You better watch your back when you walk the streets at night, you... cunting galge protag!" - v211 (it wasn't v57, assassinator corrected me)
"It's time for me to retreat. From now on, take your orders from Captain Ducky." - v155
"Don't skip school for no reason, only lowlifes do that." - v1894
"How much I get hit is proof of exactly how weak I am." - v299
"Doesn't it kind of get more fun when we eat these mushrooms? These have to be good mushrooms." - v2093
"So the truth isn't really that painful, no. It just happens to be a bitch.", "Hey, I boil the pasta, that counts as cooking." - v1388
"So this mother fucker costumer wants a fuckin' beer, right?" - v414Last modified on 2011-11-14 at 21:53
#42 by assassinator
2011-11-14 at 21:39
"You better watch your back when you walk the streets at night, you... cunting galge protag!" - v57

I'm almost certain it's from v211 instead.
#43 by onemanarmy
2011-11-14 at 21:50
Shit you are right. My mistake. I will edit my comment instantly.
#44 by mangoseller
2011-11-16 at 02:04
"So, from now on don't write what you did, instead write what you want to do... I will make everything you write come true." v36Last modified on 2011-11-16 at 02:04
#45 by meru
2011-11-27 at 17:57
"What is a 'date'? A very philosophical question indeed!" link
#46 by onemanarmy
2012-01-31 at 20:10
Here are some new lines from our quote guessing game.

"I'm not a kid! I'm a legitimate, adult male!", "Today I'm going no-pantsu." - link
"Huh? Did she instinctively realize that I was a pervert?" - link
"How was I born?" "You were found in a coin locker or a test tube." - link
"And we'd laugh so much, making our diaphragms cramp up, that we'd suffocate and be sent to the hospital in an ambulance!" - link
"In essence I can lock him up in a room and teach him this and that!" - link
"I'm not getting enough vegetables...I'm not getting enough vegetables...I'm not..." - link
"Now then, let's go. To the holy land of bentos, the rooftop! A chilly yet hot time is awaiting us!" - link
"It's the same as when you keep unspeakable secrets to yourself and say gehehe-, you know-?" - link
"There, the fire will hide my tracks! Haaa~hahaha!!!!!" - link
"Now, this evening, we have a dark heroine, the Power Lady's entry!!" - link
"One Roman legionnaire, two Roman legionnaires...." - linkLast modified on 2012-01-31 at 20:11
#47 by warfoki
2012-02-03 at 19:21
"Trying to comprehend and follow her train of thought feels like weeding through the jungles of Borneo equipped with a wooden spoon and a map of Hokkaido." - v945
#48 by gabezhul
2012-02-04 at 08:32
Honestly, I don't find most of those quotes very good. The point of the page-bottom quotes is that they are funny and/or weird even if you knew nothing about the game they came from. Just how is "I'm not a kid! I'm a legitimate, adult male!" funny? Seriously, tell me! I'm curious! O_O
#49 by onemanarmy
2012-02-04 at 11:50
Ah I see, you're one of these complicated kind of persons. So here's the point. Of course you don't like all of these quotes, would be weird, so just go with the lines you like. That's it. It's not that I'm telling someone to add them all, they are just options. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
#50 by gabezhul
2012-02-04 at 18:14
True, but the problem is, 90% of the quotes at the bottom ARE legitimately funny even (or especially) out of context. These not so much.
So, no, your reasonable rebuttals to my subjective bitching are denied and now you shall be ashamed of yourself for some reason or another. I dunno why, find one yourself! Court adjourned! :PLast modified on 2012-02-04 at 18:15


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